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Message From the Headteacher

I take this heartfelt opportunity to welcome you to our school website. From Agha Khan to Kampala High, this school has gone through many trials and tribulations but has always emerged stronger, thanks to my predecessors and all those who took the challenges head-on. The turbulent years after the expulsion of the Indians and the political unrest and economic downturn left the school greatly bruised. From the ruins of the hardships the school has emerged stronger and is scaling the heights to reclaim its position as one of the pioneer and traditional schools that produced many professionals in all fields in this country.

All the credit goes to all the stakeholders: Ministry of Education and Sports, former BOGs, PTA, old students, donors, Kampala Capital City Authority, parents, teachers and learners who have made whatever effort in ensuring that Kampala high school rises and shines again.

This school is centrally located with great potential to attract many students due to the wide catchment area. It also attracts many disadvantaged learners who need a lot of guidance and counselling. The staff, parents and learners are aware that this school can bring out the best out of any learner through discipline. It is only through discipline that we can achieve our core values of teamwork, loyalty, piousness and integrity.

However, there are still gaps that need to be filled in if our goal of restoring our glory is to be actualized. These include a mosque, library and main hall which are lacking at present yet essential for our spiritual and academic wellbeing.

In conclusion, now that we are on our feet, the journey to making Kampala High School great again has started. With your support and guidance, it can be done and we shall do it. For God and my Country.