Kampala High School

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The school has a well stocked library to enable our learners get a better experience in the field of Academics and enable them excel.

Computer Laboratory

Kampala High School has a state of the art computer laboratory with fully functional computers using the latest technology. Computer studies at Ordinary level has attracted a number of students and ICT at Advanced level have been passed well due to the qualified Computer teachers headed by Mr.Luswata Muhamudu.

Science Labaratories

At Kampala High School we have Science laboratories where students go and practice, Our Laboratory staff is qualified and we offer Sciences at both Ordinary and Advanced levels.

Art Room

Art and Craft is one of the leading subjects passed at Kampala High School due to the state of the art room and qualified teachers.

Sick Bay

At Kampala High School, health of students and staff is our priority, the sick bay is fully functional and has all kinds of medicines for both students and teachers.

Sports Facilities

At Kampala High School, sporting activities are done regularly due to the possession of a Basketball court, Netball pitch, Boxing grounds among others.


It is always hard to find a school in the city center with a big compound, we have a green compound which is approximately 2 acres of land enabling our students to live in a well spaced environment.