Kampala High School

Our History

Kampala High School was born Forty three (43) years ago, a Muslim founded school was born unto us as a centre of Education and enlightenment. It was the only High school around Kampala. The school was situated at present day Agha Khan high premises. This was after the repatriation of Indian by the then president of the Republic of Uganda, Field Marshal Iddi Amin Dada.

But with the return of Indians by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, now the president and the consequent return of the property to Indians, Kampala High lost its Glow and glory. It was then headed for tougher times. It entered into renting around Namirembe and Berkeley road respectively. With time rent became a problem.

In 1983, wen the ministry of Education and Sports had almost given up on the school, the Board of Governors bought a piece of land on Sir Apollo Kaggwa road,which now houses the present day Kampala High School. At the new property, make shifts acted as class rooms which made learning a problem.

Life became harder on rainy days since the place was swampy and water logged. Students missed classes since the school became inaccessible and destruction of the structures. However, with the support from parents and teachers, a permanent structure was built which now serves as the administration block.

Hope was not lost, when the ministry saw the unwavering courage of the teachers, the government offered to construct classes for the school in conjunction with well wishers and friends of the school. In 2013, Kampala High stood high on the outskirts of the city and now boasts as one of the highly recognized schools with a population of over 1500 students and well qualified staff.

Even the most expensive of metals, Gold is got from the deepest of the earth and unraveling is not easy. It takes the fearless of hearts to dare the challenge and so was Kampala High School.Many many thanks to then school board, headteachers; Mr.Katana,Hajji Habib Mashanga, Mr. Ssali and Mr.Bisaso for their continued resilience and courage that Kampala High School still sounds in the city.

Long live our fighters, Long live Kampala High School.