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Zendesk vs intercom Features And Pricing

zendesk chat vs intercom

You can set office hours, live chat with logged-in users via their user profiles, and set up a chatbot. Customization is more nuanced than Zendesk’s, but it’s still really straightforward to implement. You can opt for code via JavaScript or Rails or even integrate directly with the likes of Google Tag Manager, WordPress, or Shopify. Another key feature of HappyFox is that it enables companies to build a knowledge base that integrates with the software’s self-service functionality.

Is chat the same as messaging?

Messaging works across channels (owned or third-party) and across devices. While live chat is typically located on a company's web site or in an app, a company with a holistic messaging solution can be contacted in that context and on social channels too — but it's all part of the same conversation.

Once you add them all to the picture, their existing plans can turn out to be quite expensive. Zendesk also offers proactive chat functionality to its user base. It enables them to engage with visitors who are genuinely interested in their services. You get to engage with them further and get to know more about their expectations. This becomes the perfect opportunity to personalize the experience, offer assistance to prospects as per their needs, and convert them into customers.

Live Chat Features

Intercom is more sales-oriented, while Zendesk has everything a customer support representative can dream about. So you see, it’s okay to feel dizzy when comparing Zendesk vs Intercom for customer support. You can even improve efficiency and transparency by setting up task sequences, defining sales triggers, and strategizing with advanced forecasting and reporting tools. Starting at $19 per user per month, it’s also on the cheaper end of the spectrum compared to high-end CRMs like ActiveCampaign and HubSpot. Triggers should prove especially useful for agents, allowing them to do things like automate notifications for actions like ticket assignments, ticket closing/reopening, or new ticket creation. Their template triggers are fairly limited with only seven options, but they do enable users to create new custom triggers, which can be a game-changer for agents with more complex workflows.

  • On the first impression, ProProfs Help Desk feels as simple as using Gmail or just any other email client.
  • But with perks like more advanced chatbots, automation, and lead management capabilities, Intercom could have an edge for many users.
  • We sell a high-touch, high ASP product (caskets) and have scaled to where we’re adding several more customer service agents to our company.
  • The best alternatives to Intercom’s product tours feature are UserGuiding, Appcues, and Pendo.
  • Zendesk’s team is available 24/5 to assist customers on the Team and Professional plans, while customers on the Enterprise plan can chat 24/7.
  • You can opt for code via JavaScript or Rails or even integrate directly with the likes of Google Tag Manager, WordPress, or Shopify.

Intercom and Zendesk are two of the most popular customer service platforms, each with its own set of distinct advantages and drawbacks. Having the two presented side by side, which is the best CRM solution? The answer, as with most things in life, is that it depends on your specific needs and ultimate goals. Knowledge Base is one of the self-service sections that includes articles or documents providing technical help to customers and employees.

Zendesk vs Intercom: Help Desk Software Comparison

Chatfuel is a customer communication platform (CCM solutions)  that offers live chat and messenger integrations. It also has features such as AI powered chatbots and pre-set answers and questions which are not available in other alternatives to Intercom. However, Intercom’s heavy chat focus can also be a disadvantage for some businesses. The solution doesn’t offer a traditional ticketing system, which can make it harder for customer service and support teams to streamline their backend operations in a familiar way. For instance, it can be challenging when customers communicate through multiple channels. Facebook Chat is a live chat software that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time through Facebook Messenger.

zendesk chat vs intercom

You can try any plan free for 15 days and get the look and feel of the tool before making any commitments. Considering its affordable pricing, ProProfs can be a great option for small to medium-scale businesses. ProProfs Help Desk is known in the market for its honest, and simple pricing. Just a quick glance at the pricing plans and you can easily calculate how much your team will spend upfront as there are no hidden costs. When you sign up for your trial of Zendesk Suite, you will get access to all features of the Zendesk Suite Professional plan. ProProfs takes knowledge management to a whole different level by allowing you to create an online knowledge base, user manuals, documentation, and more.

Zendesk vs intercom Features And Pricing

Intercom recently ramped up its features to include helpdesk and ticketing functionality. Zendesk, on the other hand, started as a ticketing tool, and therefore has one of the market’s best help desk and ticket management features. See how our customer service solutions bring ease to the customer experience. Use ticketing systems to manage the influx and provide your customers with timely responses. Intercom’s solution offers several use cases, meaning the product’s investments and success resources have a broad focus.

Nigeria’s AlphaCX launches B2B customer support platform – Disrupt Africa

Nigeria’s AlphaCX launches B2B customer support platform.

Posted: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Say what you will, but Intercom’s design and overall user experience are leaving all its competitors far behind. It’s beautifully crafted and thought through, and their custom-made illustrations are just next level stuff. You can see their attention to detail in everything — from their tools to their website. Honestly, when it comes to Zendesk, it is not the most modern tool out there.

Want to use the Richpanel Help Desk?

Another feature is the Shared Inbox, where all conversations and teammates can be found in one place, enabling easy referencing and team mentions. Though a tool may contain impressive features, the most important question remains how users view the software in everyday usage. Let’s look at ratings of Zendesk vs. Freshdesk on popular review sites and see some positive and negative opinions. It gives support and sales-focused teams valuable insights into how customers use the system, providing them with helpful customer satisfaction metrics and identifying areas for improvement. Although Intercom’s plans are more expensive than Zendsk’s, the platform is also simple to use and very responsive.

  • It should be noted that Intercom can integrate with Zendesk, so if there are Zendesk products that you like, aside from the chat feature, you can still use those.
  • It has a shared inbox as well as basic collaboration and automation features.
  • Help Scout on the other hand can be best described as a customer-centric tool.
  • Use ticketing systems to manage the influx and provide your customers with timely responses.
  • Zendesk’s chatbot, Answer Bot, automatically answers customer questions asynchronously in up to 40 languages–via any text-based channel.
  • Our comparative review of Freshdesk vs. Zendesk provides an in-depth analysis of user experiences.

Our new Scores feature allows you to set up points-based scoring models for customers, product engagement, and leads using any attributes or activities you choose. If you want to deliver better customer service, live chat is the key. However, live chat can also take up a lot of time and resources, which you may not have.

We love these tools

In fact, the pricing structure is one of Intercom’s most frequent complaints on G2. Some reviewers also expressed frustration with Intercom enabling setup and configuration for advanced features, but then requiring an upgrade to actually use them. Use the drag and drop builder to create self service flows for your most frequent customer service questions.

What is an Intercom?

An intercom system is an electronic device that enables two-way communication between people. Intercom systems also allow people in a building to grant property access to visitors by opening a door or gate remotely. Intercom systems have taken many forms throughout history.

With mParticle, you can connect your Zendesk and Intercom data with other marketing, analytics, and business intelligence platforms without any custom engineering effort. However, if you are looking for a robust messaging solution with customer support features, go for Intercom. Its intuitive messenger can help your business boost engagement and improve sales and marketing efforts. In metadialog.com general, Zendesk offers a wide range of live chat features such as customizable chat widgets, automatic greetings, offline messaging, and chat triggers. In addition to these features, Intercom offers messaging automation and real-time visitor insights. Novo has been a Zendesk customer since 2019 but didn’t immediately start taking full advantage of all our features and capabilities.

Why should you use an Intercom alternative?

This method helps offer more personalized support as well as get faster response and resolution times. With Zendesk, organizational data silos can be a thing of the past. We make it easy for anyone within your company to access contextual customer information—including their conversation and purchase history—to provide better experiences.

zendesk chat vs intercom

Intercom offers call center features for your business via add-ons. Services such as CallHippo, Ozonetel, Toky, Aircall Now are just a few of many more add-ons in lieu of call center tools built into the help desk software. Zendesk does not provide its customers with email marketing tools for the basic subscriptions at the time of writing. However, the add-on Customer Lists available for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions does have mass email options. It’s an opportunity for Zendesk to differentiate itself, but unfortunately it didn’t get very high marks from users, either. Reviewers were frustrated by how long it took for their tickets to get resolved, as well as the complexity with which they were tossed around from department to department.

You’re in great company

These products are able to integrate with each other, which offers customers more personalized customer experiences. Zendesk also offers tons of APIs to customize the software to the users’ needs. Zendesk has tons of products that are similar to Intercom’s including Zendesk chatbot software, messaging, team collaboration, knowledge base, analytics and reporting. Pop-up chat, in-app messaging, and notifications are some of the highly-rated features of this live chat software. Intercom’s live chat reports aren’t just offering what your customers are doing or whether they are satisfied with your services. They offer more detailed insights like lead generation sources, a complete message report to track customer engagement, and detailed information on the support team’s performance.

  • But it’s also a given that many people will approach their reviews to Zendesk and Intercom with some specific missions in mind, and that’s bound to change how they feel about the platforms.
  • If you’re exploring popular chat support tools Zendesk and Intercom, you may be trying to understand which solution is right for you.
  • Zendesk wins the collaboration tools category because of its easy-to-use side conversations feature.
  • That’s why it would be better to review where both the options would be ideal to use.
  • After your free trial ends, Intercom’s products start at $49/mo, but if you cancel in the first 14 days you won’t be charged.
  • According to some reviews, Zendesk makes you wait long before their support team gets back to you.

Its features such as automation and responsiveness save teams time and help increase productivity. Gorgias’ multi-channel communication feature and advanced e-commerce solutions have made it an important Zendesk alternative. To summarize, its advanced features have made Intercom one of the most powerful Zendesk alternatives.

zendesk chat vs intercom

What is the difference between Intercom and interphone?

An intercom, also called an intercommunication device, intercommunicator, or interphone, is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building, small collection of buildings or portably within a small coverage area, which functions independently of the public telephone network.

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